This ain’t Rocket Science ya know

Lately I have been on a lot of forums reading what people go through to cook a Brisket or Pork Butt. OMG, I learned that from my daughter and that texting crud all of them do! If some of these old ranch cooks, old time cookers and God rest his soul, my Dad, ever read some of this stuff on how to cook these pieces of meat, they would not just roll over in their graves. They would come out of them and throttle these people! I will tell you the only 2 things you have to remember about cooking these 2 pieces of meat. Low and slow and, what no baby girl, that means low temperature, not a cooker that’s low to the ground. Ain’t daughters cute! I cook both Brisket and Pork Butt at 225F and use the 1 pound per hour rule. That means a 10lb piece of meat will take 10hrs. I will even leave it on another thirty minutes at end for good measure. The other is keep the lid shut! Are you afraid somebody is going to steal it? Listen, anybody that will sneak up and grab a chunk of meat of a hot grill, with their bare hands, and run away with it, then you better let them have it – they are way to tough for me to fool with! I have read in these forums and such, of people that say cook it for 4 hrs, then take it off, wrap in foil, stick it in an Ice chest for 2 hrs, take it and put it back on for 4 hrs, then take it off again and stick in the oven! Geez I am tired just talking about it. Sure, wrap it in foil when you take it off and leave it for 30 minutes to an hour but don’t treat it like some kind Football or basketball that needs to be thrown around. Many cooks use foil at the end in competition — that is called using a Texas crutch. Most old timers will say if you use the crutch you don’t know how to cook. I will wrap it up at the end just so it retains its moisture. I always buy Pork Butt with the bone in. I believe it gives better flavor to the meat. In Brisket I look for the brisket with a good fat layer on it, I know I am paying for the fat but I don’t mind because it is the fat that helps it be tender. Oh, cook with the fat cap up. I want that fat to moisten the meat not the grill grates. I ain’t never had a grill grate that was tender. Just cook it low and slow and leave it alone. Hey that rhymes, I am a poet and don’t know it. I just crack myself up
Here endeth the lesson


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